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An accident, injury or doctor's error can significantly impact your life. Auto and health insurance companies have lawyers whose jobs are to prevent you from obtaining significant compensation for your injuries or losses. The Law Offices of Jack H. Anthony have successfully represented plaintiffs in multi-million dollar personal injury and wrongful death cases against individuals as well as private and public agencies. Many of these outcomes have been after jury trials in Orange, San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties.

The Law Offices of Jack H. Anthony can assess your case, help you obtain necessary treatment, and assist you in dealing with insurance companies as you recover. They can advise you of your rights under the law, as you prepare to return to the activities of daily living.


Foster children have been temporarily or permanently detained from the custody of their parents, have been declared dependents of the juvenile court and placed in the custody of a County Department of Children and Family Services. Depending on the needs of the individual child, a dependent minor may be placed in the home of a relative, a foster parent or may be cared for through a community care facility such as a group home or foster family agency. Foster children are sometimes subjected to neglect or abuse while in foster care and sometimes suffer substantial emotional or physical injuries or even death as a result.

The Law Offices of Jack H. Anthony has for more than 30 years represented foster children in presenting their claims for compensation associated with emotional and physical injuries suffered while in foster care and has also represented surviving family members in cases where children in foster care have died as a result neglect or abuse.

Prosecuting foster care abuse cases involves being aware of specific and unique laws addressing potential liability of persons and agencies responsible for the monitoring and care of foster children. Those laws evolve as new and existing statutes and regulations are interpreted and applied by state and federal courts presiding over cases presenting claims of foster children and families of foster children. It is important when seeking legal representation regarding foster care abuse cases to make certain that the attorney retained has knowledge, experience and competency in dealing with this specialized area of the law.