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An accident, injury or doctor's error can significantly impact your life. Auto and health insurance companies have lawyers whose jobs are to prevent you from obtaining significant compensation for your injuries or losses. The Law Offices of Jack H. Anthony have successfully represented plaintiffs in multi-million dollar personal injury and wrongful death cases against individuals as well as private and public agencies. Many of these outcomes have been after jury trials in Orange, San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties.

The Law Offices of Jack H. Anthony can assess your case, help you obtain necessary treatment, and assist you in dealing with insurance companies as you recover. They can advise you of your rights under the law, as you prepare to return to the activities of daily living.


Receiving a diagnosis for your child can be a confusing, disorienting experience. Along with the emotional upheaval comes a whole new world of medical and educational information. Perhaps the first thing new parents need to learn is this: no one, including schools and doctors, will offer your child his or her best chance at life-only you can do that. For better or worse, the educational system is just that: a system designed to serve a mass population at the lowest cost possible. You child may never get the often lifechanging help he or she needs without a legal advocate. Mr. Anthony and his associates have successfully advocated for many special-needs children in their personal lives and extend that knowledge to clients and their families.

Complex needs arise when you seek a free appropriate public education for your child, as guaranteed by law. The IEP (Individual Educational Plan) that you formulate with the school district is in reality a legal document. The IEP process is fraught with perils that schools may never tell you about. Schools districts often have attorneys and specialists at their disposal. Parents are rarely told about the breadth of services schools can and do pay for, including ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) home programs for children with autism, in-class aides, specialized school placements, and speech, occupational and other therapies.

Special education is often not a revolving door. The traditional therapies offered by school administrators rarely allow children to enter the mainstream world at a later date or overcome problems that might be solved with early intervention or the correct treatments. Special education is a complex world, where little is as simple as it may initially seem, and where it isn't easy for most parents to master arcane matters of law. The best way to do it is with legal help.

Experienced parents rarely regret obtaining legal representation for their children. Most parents say they wish they'd sought legal help sooner. It's best to consult an attorney right after getting a child’s disability diagnosis. An excellent foundation for showing the child's needs and progress can be established with legal guidance. This offers the best chance of obtaining appropriate educational services and prevailing in case of disagreements. Your first IEP is your most important, but it's never too late to begin fighting for your child.